My heart goes out to everyone effected. 

20 children.
6 adults
1 killer

Maybe this is what the Mayans were talking about. Not the world spontaneously combusting, but how the most dangerous weapon in the world is the human brain. It can destruct anything and everything, even it’s self. We have forgotten to value life and appreciate all that we have.

We have become immune to hearing about genocide,wars, terrorist attacks and murders everywhere. But this massacre,this massacre has opened our eyes to a different kind of killing. A killing of the only innocence left in the world. Children. 

They have the bright imagination, they have the witty comments that always light up our day and make us giggle, and they are our dreamers. 

They believe in themselves more than anyone else believes in them. They love themselves. This is something we need to follow. We need to love ourselves. They may be young but little did they know that they were an entire populations inspiration.